Women of HEMA provides coverage on women’s competitive Historical European Martial Arts from tournament updates to interviews with HEMA’s competitive women. We celebrate the victories of competitors in open and women’s tournaments without bias. There is a plethora of talented and athletic women in HEMA, and we want the world to know who they are!

Questions, leads, suggestions, ideas, or praise can be sent to womenofhema@tutanota.com


Women of HEMA is run by Brittany Reeves. Brittany is a decorated historical fencer and internationally recognized instructor with multiple gold medals in women’s longsword and glima, medals in ringen, and open cutting. She has been competitive since 2015, placing 4th in her first steel longsword tournament, and since then has won multiple gold medals in the field. She is currently the head instructor of Mordhau Historical Combat in Mesa, Arizona. Brittany holds a BA in Medieval History and also cross trains in submission wrestling.

@saint.leafy on Instagram